Quicklee's Convenience Stores Expands Through Single-Site Acquisitions

Three recent deals bring the New York-based retailer's total store count to 26.
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AVON, N.Y. — Family-owned and -operated Quicklee's Convenience Stores is expanding its reach across upstate New York through a handful of single-site acquisitions.

In a string of three acquisitions in 2021, Quicklee's picked up sites across Dalton, Lyons and Avon, bringing the operator's total store count to 26.

Quicklee's newly acquired Mobil gas station in Dalton will maintain its branding and Dunkin' partnership while also continuing to provide access to c-store staples and locally manufactured products through Quicklee's Go Local program, reported

"One of the things we like most are opportunities to acquire existing stations like this one in Dalton," said Ken Perelli, Quicklee's vice president and chief operating officer. "What's exciting about these opportunities is that we're coming with our best foot forward. With our brand, with our program, with our management, and with our sense of community, we can help turn an established location into something that the community can be proud of."

In 2020 Quicklee's opened its second travel center location in Belmont, just south of Dalton.

"With Belmont last year and now a Dalton location this year, you can see we are committed to the area," commented Quicklee's General Manager Brian Mongi. "We believe that all communities deserve exceptional service and the best product offerings, and we are working hard every day to make that happen."

In its second acquisition, Quicklee's picked up Jim's Mobil station located in Lyons. While the new location will no longer provide auto mechanic services, it will continue to provide access to fuel, car washes and products through Quicklee's Go Local program, reported PR Underground.

"We look for communities that support small businesses, that need our services, and want a company like ours who will go above and beyond to support the area. Lyons met that criterion, and we are excited to add it to the growing list of communities we serve," commented Perelli.

Lastly, in its most recent move, Quicklee's acquired DiPrima's Mobil in Fairport — its second location in the city following the first in 2019.

"Fairport is a unique place, full of history, pride and an active community focused on making it a great place to live and work," noted Perelli. "Now with a second location in the area, we are doubly committed to the community and focused on providing exceptional service the area deserves."

Also home to a Calabrasella's Deli, the newly acquired Quicklee's location is known for its unique selection of craft brews, which the operator intends to keep, in addition to providing access to Dunkin' and c-store staples.

"This really is a one-of-a-kind location," said Mongi. "The DiPrima family worked hard to create a unique craft brew selection and customer buying experience, and we intend to bring that same level of service and focus on creating the best experience possible as this new location becomes a part of the Quicklee's family."

Avon-based Quicklee's was founded in 1995. In 2017, the company expanded its business model to include travel center locations, and in 2018, it launched the Go Local program, which provides sales, marketing and in-store placement support to local food manufacturers.