Quickway Stores Rebranding

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. -- Quickway Food Stores and Convenience Express stores in central New York owned by Mirabito Energy Products will see their names change to Mirabito over the next four years, PressConnects.com reported.

The change, which already began at certain locations, is part of the company's long-term strategic plan to cross-market its customer loyalty program; operate the locations using one unified system; and gain greater control over pricing, programs and standards at the gas stations, some of which have contracts with Mobil, Sunoco and CITGO, CEO Joseph Mirabito said in the report.

Seven of the company's stores have already been rebranded Mirabito, and nine additional stores will transition to the new name "before the snow flies," he said. By next June, the company will have rebranded another 10 stores.

The gas brands also will change over as contracts come up. "You can't do it all at once because we have obligations to these companies," Mirabito said about the company's agreements with CITGO and others. "You have to fulfill the contract."

The company owns and operates 56 Quickway, Convenience Express and Mirabito stores throughout the region, and the Quickway brand has existed since the 1980s, he said.

The rebranding will also include opening additional Tim Hortons franchise locations in the convenience stores. Mirabito Energy currently has Tim Hortons and Subway franchises at its Mirabito store in Castle Creek, which opened this summer.

"Tim Hortons is trying to come south," Mirabito said. "Wherever there's the opportunity, Tim Hortons is going to be a close partner with us."

Rich Mirabito, chief operating officer for the convenience stores, said the company will relaunch its customer loyalty program Oct. 4, expanding its existing program and allowing customers to accumulate points based on energy product and convenience store purchases. The points will translate into discounts on gasoline purchases, according to the report.

In addition, having one Mirabito retail name will reduce any confusion in the marketplace about the company's holdings and where the loyalty program can be used, Joe Mirabito said.

Binghamton-based Mirabito Energy also sells heating oil, propane, natural gas, coal and other energy products.

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