QuikTrip Changes Policy on Lottery Purchases

TULSA, Okla. – QuikTrip Corp. is requiring customers to pay for lottery tickets with cash starting Monday, according to a Fox 4 News report. Debit and credit cards are no longer accepted for these purchases.

The policy change is a financial decision, not one based on security concerns. The convenience store chain, which operates 700 locations in 11 states, sells a great deal of tickets, but was still losing money on lottery transactions paid for with debit or credit cards, the retailer said.

Although some states require lottery purchases to be paid for with cash, there is no such law in Oklahoma, QuikTrip's home state.

Retailers make approximately 5 percent on each lottery sale, and banks and credit card companies often charge fees of 4 percent or more, according to the report.

Only a small percentage of its customers pay for lottery tickets with a debit or credit card, QuikTrip said.

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