QuikTrip to Makeover Kansas Stores

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QuikTrip to Makeover Kansas Stores

WICHITA, Kan. -- QuikTrip is about to remodel its 35 stores in the Wichita area, according to a report by The Wichita Eagle.

In mid-December, the Tulsa-based convenience store chain will reportedly start tearing the check-out counters out of each store and moving them from the left side of the store to the right side. The new counters will also be smaller, the report stated.

"The inside will totally change," said Mark Branham, manager of QuikTrip's Wichita division.

The idea is to open up space in the store and expand their area for "roller grills," the place for hot dogs and taquitos, The Wichita Eagle reported.

"Moneywise, it is a big-time investment, but the stores will look bigger and brighter, and provide a lot more access to the various commodities we're selling," said Mike Thornbrugh, QuikTrip's manager of public affairs and government relations.

The company expects the project to take about six months and construction at each store will take about 10 days. Additionally, the stores will remain open during construction.

This is just the latest phase of the remodeling. The company reworked its drink counters several years ago and is also in the middle of adding what it calls "reach-in coolers" with no doors. They are also building car washes at two stores in the Wichita area, the report stated.

QuikTrip is continually tweaking its stores to keep them fresh and attractive, Thornbrugh said.

"We don't consider ourselves followers," he said. "We consider ourselves trailblazers in the industry. People want bright and new. They like exciting changes, and QT will give it to them."