QuikTrip Makes Progress on Landmark Store

TULSA, Okla. -- The Camelot Hotel, once a landmark here that housed Elvis and former President Richard Nixon, is no more. A demolition team recently razed the building to make way for a new QuikTrip store, NewsOK.com reported.

QuikTrip Corp., which bought the nearly 6-acre property in June, said it could take up to three months to clean all the debris from the site. The company then needs approval from the Department of Transportation for its plans to build a development, which would include a new QuikTrip store and possibly other retail outlets, according to the Web site.

The c-store chain, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2008, initially hoped the site would house its 500th store, but with 488 existing stores and 13 under construction, that benchmark may have passed already, QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said.

"But, we think it's a great location," Thornbrugh told the Web site. "It's good for QuikTrip, and an area that needed a lot of work as a whole is going to be revitalized."

In other QuikTrip news, all of the chain's Tulsa-area stores are distributing cards for the Tulsa Police Department that have the top 10 most frequently asked questions of the department on the back. On the front is a message for customers who are curious about protecting others, local television station KJRH reported.

"If you truly want peace, work for justice, and that's what you do when you sign up with the Tulsa Police Department. You work for justice for people who can't work for themselves," Officer Jesse Guardiola with the Tulsa Police Department told the station.

Tulsa's budget calls for 20 new officers in 2008. New recruits attend six months of academy training and four months of field training, the report stated.

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