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QuikTrip Opens New Concept Store

TULSA, Okla. -- Convenience store retailer QuikTrip Corp. quietly opened a new concept store here recently, which offers some new features for the chain of more than 500 locations.

The store, located at 51st Street and 129th East Avenue, features 16 gas pumps, but no parking in front of the store -- which is now home to picnic tables. All of the store parking is located on the sides, according to a report by

"It feels like one of those restaurants that they have on the turnpike where you're coming and going from different directions," Jeanne Trainer, a QuikTrip customer, told the local television station.

QuikTrip spokesman Mike Thornbrugh said this feature was their customers' idea.

"We spent the last two years interviewing and talking to customers on what they'd like to see," Thornbrugh said in the report.

Inside the 5,700-square-foot store, variety overflows. Foodservice includes 22 flavors of smoothies and freezonis, more hot dogs and hot food, and an emphasis on take-and-bake food, such as lasagna and pizza, the report stated.

"I think it's great, kind of one stop shopping," Larry Young, a QuikTrip customer, said in the report.

The new concept stores offers touchscreen ordering for coffee drinks, which are handmade, according to the report.

"We made the commitment years ago that we were going to get into the fresh food business and this store really gives us the opportunity to keep expanding on that offer," Thornbrugh said in the report.

There are two other QuikTrip located slated to take on this new concept look. The second store will be located at 15th and Denver, and will open in the near future, and another is currently being built on Gilcrease Museum Road, according to the report.

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