QuikTrip Showcases Smoked BBQ Offering With New Mobile Game

QuikTrip premium BBQ

TULSA, Okla. — QuikTrip Corp. is inviting customers to take on the role of a BBQ pitmaster through a new mobile game that showcases its smoked BBQ offering.

The game, 8-Bit Pitmaster, simulates the role and offers more QuikTrip coupons the longer people play.

Customers can put their "finger to the fire" by holding a finger on the mobile screen for up to eight straight hours, the length of time that QuikTrip pitmasters spend smoking premium, fresh BBQ meat, which is new to the convenience store chain's menu this fall.

"Making quality, premium meat is difficult and time consuming, and this new mobile game proves that it takes a lot of persistence and hunger to smoke 8-bit meats," said Joseph Truesdell, social engagement manager at QuikTrip. "We wanted to show our customers we are not taking any shortcuts when it comes to our BBQ and this was an engaging way to let them in on the action."

QuikTrip's smoked BBQ meat are used in two of its newest menu categories: BBQ sandwiches and a full lineup of tacos.

The retailer's premium BBQ sandwiches are available in a variety of options, including beef brisket that was hardwood smoked for more than 12 hours; pulled pork that was hardwood smoked for more than 10 hours; and chicken that was hardwood smoked for more than six hours. Each BBQ sandwich features meat that was piled high on a soft bun and slathered with sweet, tangy BBQ sauce.

The lineup of tacos includes a variety of customizable options, including brisket, pork, chicken and brisket, egg and cheese, as well as others. All tacos are stuffed in a fluffy flour tortilla with the option of being garnished with a variety of toppings, such as tomatoes, jalapeños, salsa and onions.

Both the premium BBQ sandwiches and lineup of tacos are for sale at QuikTrip stores in Tulsa; Wichita, Kan.; and San Antonio and Austin, Texas. They are freshly made and available in grab-and-go and customized ordering through the QuikTrip mobile app and QT Kitchens kiosk.

Tulsa-based QuikTrip operates 800-plus stores across 11 states.