RaceTrac Supports EPA's RIN Rule Decision

ATLANTA — RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. and its Metroplex Energy subsidiary are throwing their support behind the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposal to deny moving the "point of obligation" under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program. 

Through its efforts to deny recent petitions to move the "point of obligation," the EPA asserts the responsibility to adhere to the RFS program should remain on refiners, manufacturers and importers — not on position holders, like fuel marketers and blenders, according to Metroplex Energy.

"Metroplex Energy thanks the EPA for its opposition to change the point of obligation under RFS," said Max McBrayer, chief supply officer at RaceTrac and president of Metroplex Energy. "The current structure is the best approach to ensure that RFS program goals can be achieved."

Recently, the EPA completed a comprehensive analysis of the existing RFS structure to highlight why the current point of obligation furthers RFS objectives. That analysis demonstrates that the current RFS structure incentivizes the blending and sale of renewable fuel products by fuel retailers and marketers, while supporting continued supply and stable prices for consumers.

According to Metroplex Energy, it will continue to support the EPA in its efforts to maintain current regulations regarding the point of obligation under the RFS as this action is best to ensure stable, low-priced retail fuels for consumers.

Atlanta-based Metroplex Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of RaceTrac Petroleum Inc. and a wholesale fuel supplying company that secures bulk fuel to supply RaceTrac and RaceWay stores and other third-party companies by rail, pipeline, truck, barge and vessel.

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