Radiant Systems Continues Payment Security Tools Development for Restaurant, Retail Industries

ATLANTA -- Radiant Systems Inc. will be offering a new suite of payment security products, known as Radiant Payment Guard, that currently includes Payment Guard MSR, Token Replacement and CPGateway, the company reported.

"Criminals are targeting restaurant and retail businesses at an alarming rate," Andy Heyman, chief operating officer at Radiant Systems, said in a released statement. "Radiant is providing a variety of hardware and software products, such as the Radiant Payment Guard suite, to help our customers maintain consumer trust and reach the highest levels of data security."

The Radiant Payment Guard suite of products currently includes Payment Guard MSR, Token Replacement and CPGateway. Payment Guard MSR is an encrypted magnetic stripe reader installed within Radiant's point-of-sale (POS) hardware terminals. Payment Guard MSR enables data security protection on a physical level with encryption of sensitive consumer data built into Radiant's hardware products, according to the company.

By the end of 2010, Radiant will be shipping all POS terminals with Payment Guard MSR, with most terminals shipping with this security feature as of July 1. The company began shipping Payment Guard MSR-equipped hardware in 2009 with the launch of the P1515, P1560 and P1760 POS terminals.

Radiant Payment Guard also includes Token Replacement, which is a payment security feature of the Aloha point of sale that has been in use by restaurant operators since early 2009. With Token Replacement, a unique identifier, or token, is allocated to cardholder data at the RBS WorldPay and Radiant Payment Services (RPS) host to prevent personal information from being stored on the point of sale.

Additionally, Radiant's CPGateway service is part of the Radiant Payment Guard product set and works with Radiant's specialty retail product CounterPoint. CPGateway encrypts cardholder data from the store to the hosting center, rather than decrypting data at the store-level.

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