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Ready Snax New Varieties

Caprese and Apple Crisp are among the new on-the-go snack packages.

Ready Pac Foods introduces four new flavor offerings of Ready Snax, its line of on-the-go snack packages that curb appetite and provide a boost of vitamins for less than 300 calories. The new varieties include: Caprese, featuring grape tomatoes, mozzarella, toast chips and basil balsamic dressing for 150 calories; Apples, Yogurt & Trail Mix that blends crisp apples, creamy yogurt and trail mix for 150 calories; Sweet Apple Crisp that mixes apple slices, graham crackers and praline pecans for 220 calories; and Veggies, Hummus & Flatbread, a nutritious medley of carrots, celery, hummus and flatbread for 140 calories.

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