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RedPrairie Introduces Enhanced Fleet Management Solution

MILWAUKEE, Wis. -- RedPrairie Corp. introduced an enhanced version of its Fleet Management solution, offering new functionality including long-haul planning and network-level optimization. By incorporating configurable dashboards, asset and driver management, and consolidation facility and hub support, the solution now provides an easier method for managing fleet-specific operations, the company reported.

"Managing the nuances of a large and complex delivery network, and the associated assets and drivers can be a challenging task," said Tom Kozenski, RedPrairie vice president of product strategy. "In the past, transportation managers were often limited to planning same-day deliveries out of a single depot, with little or no integration to other core system. Our Fleet Management solution now provides support for complete network planning through full integration of Warehouse Management and Transportation Management solutions. By structuring the system in this way, we are able to provide for both long haul moves between hubs, and same-day delivery through a single facility."

Fleet Management includes a wide range of functionality ranging from billing and reporting, to facility and dock scheduling. The solution’s scalable architecture and advanced authentication framework enable multiple deployment options, and built in data access groups and security. With Fleet integrated into RedPrairie’s core Transportation Management solution, both Fleet and non-Fleet resources can be used in tandem to save companies time and money, according to the company.

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