Retailers Receive A New Passport

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Retailers Receive A New Passport

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Retailers branded Exxon, Mobil, Chevron, Sunoco and Valero, as well as independently branded retailers who use the Concord BuyPass network, now have Gilbarco Passport Version 6 software available to them, Gilbarco announced.

Passport Version 6 has been validated for compliance with Visa's Payment Application Best Practices (PABP). The point-of-sale system provides retailers with a portfolio of new loyalty program and price sign choices that are certified compatible. In addition, Passport Version 6 has new features to increase profitability and efficiency.

Generic 3rd Party Loyalty Interface -- provides retailers with loyalty program choices to improve customer frequency, retention and average ticket size. Passport Version 6 features a generic loyalty Application Programming Interface (API) that simplifies and standardizes 3rd party loyalty program compatibility. It enables any loyalty program to easily interface with Passport and attain certification. Passport's API has been adopted by industry leaders as the basis for PCATS loyalty standard. So far, Gilbarco has certified compatibility with KickBack Rewards Systems and Excentus loyalty programs.

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance -- strong encryption helps the retailer protect cardholder data and achieve compliance in terms of data access, retention and reporting.

Automated Software Upgrade (ASU)-- allows retailers to complete a Passport software upgrade within 45 minutes without the need for outside assistance. This feature reduces errors and fully automates subsequent major and minor version upgrades. Enhanced system diagnostics and recovery features increase overall system uptime and lower the cost of ownership.

Electronic Price Sign Interface -- enables retailers to instantly change outdoor price signs from Passport inside the store, improving efficiency, safety and compliance. Passport Version 6 features a standard interface that simplifies compatibility with price sign providers who can attain certification. So far, Gilbarco has certified compatibility with PWM Electronic Price Signs, FutureMedia Displays, and Skyline Electronic Price Signs.

Cash-Based Fuel Discounting -- enables automatic fuel discounting both at the pump and POS for cash payment. The feature reduces credit-card transaction fees and enhances loyalty among cash customers. Cash-based fuel discounting can be cumulative with discounts by card type and car wash to maximize customer rewards and retailer patronage.

Forced Day Close -- enables retailers to use a programmable time for store close to improve control. The fully automated process requires no user interaction. An alert system with programmable text eases employee transactions.

Frank Salvati, owner of Online Inc., a company that operates five Sunrise Sunoco stores in the Pittsburgh area, said his stores participated in the field trials for Passport Version 6, which included a loyalty program called Pump Perks. The program is hosted by Excentus and enabled through Passport's generic loyalty API. Points earned at local Shop & Save grocery stores can be redeemed for fuel discounts at Sunrise Sunoco locations.

"Sales increased 7 percent to 20 percent, depending on how close the store is to the nearest Shop & Save grocery," Salvati said in a statement. "The program is easy to use. You just swipe your card and get the discount." He promotes the program with local advertising media and signage along the roads and on-site.