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Ricker's to Roll Out Frictionless Checkout Technology Chainwide

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ANDERSON, Ind. — Ricker's is implementing frictionless checkout technology at its 58 convenience stores throughout Indiana.

The partnership with Skip is a hybrid of mobile pay and the Amazon Go concept. The mission, according to Skip, is to provide a best-in-class convenience store experience, easy access to promotional deals, and enable customers to purchase in-store items at the pump or prior to arrival.

"By adding Skip to our arsenal of customer service competencies, we expect to see higher frequency and volume of transactions simply from the competitive advantage this partnership will provide. Not to mention being able to convert frequent fuel purchasers into loyal in-store customers," said Quinn Ricker, CEO and president of Ricker's.

The implementation further advances the convenience store chain's primary initiative to provide best-in-class customer service by adding frictionless checkout to its omnichannel platform.

According to the retail technology company, Skip taped Ricker's for the rollout based not only on merit, but also on Ricker's dedication to customer centric retail experiences via clean convenience, a strong commitment to the Indiana community and customer service, and a history of corporate trust.

"We are so excited to work with Ricker's to tailor our proven product specifically to the convenience store customer experience. Their long standing dedication to this objective and vision for the future was a match made in heaven for Skip," said Chase Thomason, CEO and founder of Skip.

Skip's technology reduces the speed of checkout from an average of 60 seconds to an instant pay-and-go action controlled by the customer. Via its partnership with Zipline, Skip also acts as a cost cutter for retail businesses bringing down transaction fees.

For Ricker's, Skip provides a competitive advantage expected to drive more transactions and frequency, including higher conversions from the forecourt to the food court.

Once the experience is fully optimized, which includes integrations with Zipline and Kickback Rewards, it will rollout across all Ricker's locations by the end of September.