R.J. Reynolds Pulls Smokeless Tobacco Line From Test Markets

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana drug educators praised R.J. Reynolds' decision to pull the Camel Dissolvables line of smokeless tobacco products from Columbus, Ohio; Indianapolis; and Portland, Ore. test markets, according to a report by WIBC.

"Because the products were in only a test marketing phase, R.J. Reynolds did not have to release what products or how much nicotine was used. The potential for overuse, even overdose, seemed like a real possibility since they had three times as much nicotine as one cigarette," Tim Bristol, Outreach Coordinator for the Montgomery County AHEAD Coalition said in the report.

Camel's Sticks, Strips and Orbs' packaging drew controversy for its similarity to gum or candy and their perceived kid- friendly 'Mellow' and 'Fresh' flavors.

A Camel consumer relations representative told the news source the products were pulled for "further refinement." No information for potential redesign and other possible test markets was given.

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