Ronnie's Service Center Stops Selling Gas, Will Close Store

BROOKFIELD, Conn. -- Ronnie's Service Center, long the only place to fill up on Candlewood Lake Road here and the closest store to the homes on Candlewood Shores and the surrounding area, has stopped selling gasoline and will be closing its small convenience store.

"It's just not economical anymore," owner and namesake Ronnie Baiad told the Brookfield Patch newspaper, stating that he has been losing money on gas for the last year and half. "Mostly, it's a convenience for my customers."

Baiad has been selling gasoline at the service station since it opened along with the garage in November 1979. The tanks currently installed on the property are aged and need to be replaced, which is what Baiad said prompted him to discontinue the service.

The auto repair side of the business will remain, with Baiad, his son Peter and a third mechanic, Shawn Harrington. Without gas, the shop's hours may change slightly, closing an hour earlier, 5 p.m., and possibly opening later some mornings, according to the report.

Although the garage will still be open, the small convenience store on the property will be shut down along with the gas pumps. However, Baiad said he'll probably still keep coffee out for his regulars.