Royal Farms Improves Water Quality

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Royal Farms Improves Water Quality

BALTIMORE -- Royal Farms has seen a spike in its beverage and food sales since installing Pure Revolution's PureOFlow reverse osmosis systems as a pilot program in nine convenience stores in Maryland and Delaware, the manufacturer reported.

Because hot and cold beverages are always in high demand for travelers, and go hand-in-hand with Royal Farms' food sales, water quality is of paramount importance to the Baltimore-based retailer. Due to very high total dissolved solid levels and high acidity in the mid-Atlantic area, Royal Farms had installed a water filtration system, but it wasn't effective in treating the water to reduce the bad taste, color and odor that was having a negative impact on beverage sales and ice, according to Pure Revolution. The aggressiveness of the water was causing frequent equipment breakdowns as well.

Royal Farms installed PureOFlow reverse osmosis systems as a pilot program, and according to the manager at the corporate store location, "Beverages taste clean, and the coffee is consistent with every cup we serve to our customers."

The water treatment system is also helping Royal Farms achieve its goal of controlling expenses. Each of the nine locations is saving $3,000 a year in filters after changing to the PureOFlow for fountain, coffee and ice machines. The chain also expects to reduce soda syrup usage with purified water after rebrixing the machines, the company said.

Royal Farms was founded in 1959, and now operates more than 120 convenience stores in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania. The stores -- strategically located along frequently traveled routes for fleets and vacationers and within close proximity to local residents -- have set an aggressive annual growth rate of 10 percent.

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