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Rutter's Adds More Pumpkin Flavored Drinks for Fall

Rutter's Pumpkin Pie Milk

YORK, Pa. — Fall has come to Rutter's beverage offerings.

The convenience store retailer added pumpkin-flavored creamer and pumpkin-flavored syrup to the coffee bar, allowing consumers to customize their favorite drink.

The c-store chain also expanded its handcrafted beverage selections with additions including pumpkin flavored lattes, frappes, and cappuccinos. Customers can order the drinks from kiosks from in any Rutter's store.

In addition, Rutter's is introducing a pumpkin pie milkshake this year, using pumpkin pie milk from Rutter's Dairy.

"As we get into fall, customers continue to clamor for the flavors of the season. We're excited to expand upon our pumpkin flavored offerings in 2020 to meet our customers' needs," said Robert Perkins, Rutter's vice president of marketing.

York-based Rutter's operates 78 locations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

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