Rutter's Expands Its Fuel Offering With New Premium Product

Premium diesel is formulated to enable diesel engines to run cleaner and perform at a higher level.

YORK, Pa. —Rutter's announced a new offering of premium diesel, a high-quality product intended to allow a diesel engine to run cleaner and perform at a higher level for peak performance.

Rutter's Premium Diesel provides better fuel economy, restores power, increases lubricity and minimizes filter blocking for less carbon buildup, the company stated. The enhanced product is available at Rutter's location selling auto diesel and high-speed truck diesel throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia.

"We are always looking to separate ourselves from the competition through our products and service, so we studied how we could add additional benefits for our gasoline customers," said Chris Hartman, director of fuels, forecourt and advertising at Rutter's. "Based on our research, customers are seeking several different results from gasoline, such as reclaimed power, performance and fuel economy, resulting in cleaner emissions. With premium diesel, we're able to offer customers the benefits they desire and give them a reason to say, 'Rutter's, Why Go Anywhere Else?'"

This premium diesel product joins Rutter's already elevated offerings of Supreme 93 and Top Tier Certified gasoline products, including Regular, Plus, Supreme, Unleaded 15 and Ethanol-Free.

"As a leader in food service innovation and customer service, Rutter's always strives to find new ways to improve the customer experience at every area of the store," the retailer stated. "With its enhanced fuel offering, Rutter's believes it will continue to have customer say their stores are a notch above the competition, inside and out."

York-based Rutter's is a privately held chain of convenience. Part of a family managed group of companies, Rutter's includes convenience stores, a dairy and beverage company, and a real estate company. With roots dating back to 1747, Rutter's 275-year history makes it the oldest vertically integrated food company in the United States, stated the company.

As Convenience Store News recently reported, Rutter's was named its 2022 Foodservice Innovator award winner in the Cold & Frozen Beverages category. In 2021, Rutter's was named CSNews'Foodservice Innovator of the Year.

"They've always been progressive with prepared foods in general, but I think they really lifted their game in cold dispensed beverages with their Spiked Slushies and Xtreme Shakes," said one judge about the 2021 honor. It was also noted how well Rutter's adjusted its menu due to the pandemic (e.g., new comfort-food offerings). And the company's approach to marketing its offerings to consumers digitally via social media, geofencing and a new loyalty app did not go unnoticed. All in all, Rutter's paints a picture of a retailer operating on all cylinders despite the global pandemic.

Rutter's introduced Spiked Slushies to the Pennsylvania market before any other chain. Being the leader in this category allowed the retailer to innovate even more. In 2021, Rutter's introduced limited-time seasonal flavors to further spice up the category.

Rutter's has always been at the forefront of innovation. This includes recent news the retailer is teaming up with Lancaster Brewing Co. on Rutter's Chocolate Milk Stout, its first private-branded beer.

Rutter's Chocolate Milk Stout has an ABV of 6.8 percent and a taste that combines notes of cocoa with the sweetness of milk sugar, reminding customers of Rutter's chocolate milk.