Ryko Changes Company Name to Better Align Brands

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Ryko Changes Company Name to Better Align Brands


GRIMES, Iowa — Ryko Solutions Inc., the largest provider of managed car wash systems in North America, has changed its name to National Carwash Solutions (NCS) to better align its brands. 

Debuting the new name at The Car Wash Show in Nashville, Tenn., taking place May 9-11, NCS announced that the Ryko, MacNeil and CleanTouch brands will all begin to operate under the NCS brand, providing a clear delineation between the brands and the parent company. 

“Since 1973, Ryko Solutions has provided industry-leading car wash equipment and chemicals, paired with unparalleled customer service,” said Mike Gillen, CEO of National Carwash Solutions. “We are still committed to those same principles, but operating under the National Carwash Solutions brand, we are able to control our messaging and outputs in a more linear manner and erase any brand confusion within the marketplace.”

By rebranding under the NCS moniker, the company can expand its brand portfolio through organic growth and future acquisitions, it said. In addition, the NCS family of brands is now better positioned to serve multiple customer segments under the parent brand.

Customers of the Ryko, MacNeil and CleanTouch brands will continue to work with the individual brands as they have before. 

The parent company will launch a new website to incorporate all of the brands, but each individual brand will also continue to operate its own existing website. NCS headquarters will reside in Grimes, Iowa. 


In another strategic move, Ryko Solutions has partnered with Ascentium Capital to offer affordable and customized finance options for Ryko’s car wash products, services and technologies.

“Our goal is to ensure our clients are successful and we want to assist every step of the way in building a profitable managed car wash system,” said Jesse Wurth, chief financial officer at Ryko Solutions. “We are leveraging Ascentium Capital’s expertise in the car wash industry to drive this strategic initiative.”

Ascentium Capital’s finance solutions will provide Ryko clients with a simple and cost-effective way to acquire a complete car wash solution, from friction soft touch to touchless to mini-tunnel systems, Ryko Solutions said. Additionally, items such as remote monitoring systems, activation systems, water treatment, freight, installation, bay modification work and labor may also be financed, which significantly reduces out-of-pocket expenses.

“Through Ascentium Capital’s consultative approach, finance structures will be tailored to each client’s cash flow,” said David Miller, senior vice president of marketing and new product development at Ryko Solutions. “We view this partnership as a way to assist with tactical objectives and enhance client satisfaction.”

The finance program will be available to Ryko Solutions' entire client network throughout the United States. Finance training, combined with a program rollout, will be part of the partnership launch.

“The specialized car wash finance team at Ascentium is focused on providing solutions that enhance the profitability for our clients,” said Paul Hagner, vice president of sales, commercial and industrial at Ascentium Capital. “It is exciting to see our organizations develop a comprehensive finance program dedicated to the shared successes of Ryko and their clients.”