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Seattle C-stores "Host" Flat Screen Monitors

SEATTLE, Wash. – EZ Show LLC secured an agreement with Judan LLC, a marketing company working with grocers across the country, to roll out the first wave of 500 40-inch flat screen monitors to convenience stores, first in the Seattle area, with expansion plans over 20,000 locations within the next year, the company reported.

"If people make 70 percent of their buying decisions while in the store, it makes complete sense to advertise right there," said Kevin Yoo, president of Judan LLC.

The screens are free to hosting retailers along with a complimentary ad, and if desired, a wireless Internet hotstpot for consumers to use while in-store. The retailer’s ad will be one of 30 spots, each 30 seconds in a 15-minute loop. Other ads appearing are paid by the advertisers, and retailers have final say regarding which ads appear in their stores, according to the company.

Orders are being taken, and will begin shipping in October.

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