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Second Time Not a Charm for Econo-Mart Robber

LOWELL, Mass. -- When Richard Sturtevant returned to rob an Econo-Mart convenience store for the second time in 48 hours, at the same time of day and threatening the same clerk, he uttered four memorable words, reported the Lowell (Mass.) Sun.

"Here we go again," Sturtevant said as he walked into the Lowell convenience store at 9:55 p.m. on March 4.

What the 18-year-old Lowell man didn't know was that between his March 2 and March 4 robberies, the Econo-Mart had installed videotape and audiotape security cameras. So Sturtevant's face and his every word were captured on tape.

In Lowell Superior Court, Sturtevant, who admits to a substance-abuse problem, pleaded guilty to armed robbery and larceny of a person. In a plea agreement, Judge Francis Fecteau sentenced him to 18 months at the Middlesex House of Correction in Billerica, followed by five years probation.

While on probation, the teen must be evaluated for drug and alcohol treatment, stay away from the Econo-Mart and pay $2,200 in restitution.

During the first robbery, Sturtevant walked into the store, demanded money and indicated that he had a gun by moving his hand in his sweatshirt. Sturtevant grabbed the money from the register and then forced the frightened clerk to open the store safe.

At the suggestion of Lowell police, the store owner installed a video surveillance camera the next day just in time to catch Sturtevant robbing the store again.

A day later, Sturtevant threatened to kill the same clerk if he didn't hand over the cash.
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