Sensormatic Launches New Software

Sensormatic Electronics Corp., a provider of electronic security solutions, has introduced a self-contained radio frequency identification (RFID) system, which incorporates tags and readers with application software to provide a total RFID solution for the retail market.

At the center of the SensorSmart system is what Sensormatic describes as "an intelligent tag" that stores information about a product as it moves through the supply chain. This single tag is designed to collect information on a product as it moves from the point of production through distribution all the way to the sales floor.

"With the launch of our SensorSmart RFID product line, Sensormatic has put all the components in place to bring a complete RFID solution together for our customers," says Per-Olof Loof, president and CEO of Sensormatic. "Having spent the past 30 years helping retailers keep track of their merchandise in the store, it seems only natural for Sensormatic to now bring to market technology that can track merchandise throughout the supply chain. We are extending our customer's reach in the area of information management."

The SensorSmart system is based on Intellitag RFID technology developed by Intermec Technologies Corp., a leader in the development, manufacture and integration of automated data collection and mobile computing systems.

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