Sheetz Contemplates Opening First Fuel-Free Location

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Sheetz Contemplates Opening First Fuel-Free Location


ALTOONA, Pa. -- Over the past several decades, convenience stores and gas stations have been like peanut butter and jelly -- rare to find one without the other. But now Sheetz Inc. is exploring the possibility of opening a standalone c-store.

"We're kicking around the idea of opening our very first Fuel-Free Sheetz. No gas, but still all of your favorite made-to-order food & drinks. What do you think?" Sheetz posted in its Facebook page.

And in less than 24 hours more than 1,000 Sheetz fans posted comments. Scanning the comments, consumers prefer Sheetz not do it. However, the vote was not completely one sided.

Most of those comments falling on the side of Sheetz going ahead with the idea added in requests for the c-store chain to open one in their area, like Columbus, Ohio or Fayetteville, N.C., near Fort Bragg. Others noted that a fuel-free Sheetz would open more spaces for customers going inside the store.

"My family frequently goes to Sheetz just for the food. I'd live to see smaller, food-only stores scattered across the Pittsburgh area," one fan posted.

However, there were plenty of Facebook fans giving the idea a resounding no, asking why fix something that isn't broken.

"Gotta have both, great gas prices (as good as you can get these days...) and good quick food & coffee... don't mess with what works so well!" commented one fan.

Another Facebook fan asked if the idea was a late April's Fool joke. "April 1st was 32 days ago. Not sure of your marketing and strategy dept. Ever heard about Coke removing Coke Classic?" he asked.

Whatever Sheetz decides, one current employee has faith if the company builds, they will come.

"I have worked at sheetz [sic] now for 2 years...and the one thing i have learned in those 2 years the ideas that the sheetz family comes up with will go for it...if it doesnt work...just put the pumps in afterwards," he noted.