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Sheetz Continues Relief Efforts


On behalf of more than 7,000 Sheetz employees and a countless number of customers, Louie Sheetz, executive vice president of Sheetz Inc., presented the American Red Cross with a check for more than $200,000 for the National Disaster Relief Fund to help those affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks.

During a two-week fund-raiser earlier this month, Sheetz employees and customers donated more than $150,000 for the victims of the attacks. Sheetz, which operates 270 convenience stores, contributed an additional $50,000.

"The American Red Cross is working hard to provide assistance and comfort to those affected by the recent tragedies," said Craig Harley, a Red Cross representative. "We are grateful that Sheetz, its employees and its customers have been a true example of the American spirit to help others in need."

Within hours of the attacks, Sheetz began to identify ways the organization could help those affected, including delivering food and other items to relief workers in Somerset County, Pa., and Washington.

Sheetz customers and employees also expressed a desire to do more. So the company placed donation canisters at the checkout counters at each of its stores across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Ohio, where customers could make contributions.

"We are extremely pleased by the generosity our customers and our employees have shown. They really came through in a time of need," Sheetz said. "America has never been stronger. And that is evident in the outpouring of support we have received through this campaign."
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