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Sheetz Creates Distribution Center Portal

TEWKSBURY, Mass.-- Sheetz Inc. has developed a portal for its distribution center with Bowstreet Portlet Factory.

The new distribution portal, which taps into the company's warehouse management system, financial system and Oracle databases, will help the Sheetz distribution facility service many new stores in the mid-Atlantic region and meet the needs of a growing customer base. With the distribution portal, support representatives, purchasing agents and warehouse staff can track tasks, pull reports, manage inventory and access applications from a single source.

"We were looking for an efficient way to manage all of our reporting and intranet needs. We have a small development team with limited Java and Web-based application development experience, so we needed a solution that would be flexible and easy to implement -- without a huge learning curve," said Bob Scholl, distribution services IT manager for Sheetz. "With Bowstreet Portlet Factory, we were able to get our distribution portal up and running in weeks as opposed to months."

With Bowstreet Portlet Factory, developers build portlets by pulling together a sequence of highly adaptive, reusable software components called "builders." Users assemble builders into models, similar to the way they would build a spreadsheet model by snapping together formulas. These models are then executed at runtime to dynamically generate application code, including JSPs, Java classes and XML documents, as well as all of the low-level artifacts that make up the portlet application. This allows developers to capture and automate the process of building dynamic portlets instead of explicitly coding each portlet.
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