Sheetz Eyeing New Property in Somerset, Pa.

SOMERSET, Pa. -- Sheetz Inc. recently met with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and is one step closer to completing its plan to build a drive-thru c-store located here.

The new site that the company is interested in is the former Taco Bell across from Sheetz' current location on Route 601, the Daily American reported. According to Sheetz real estate Director David Hazlet the drive-thru feature is a relatively new prototype for the company, as the first of its kind was constructed in West Virginia late last year.

“We’ve had meetings with (PennDOT) -- very successful meetings, I might add,” Hazelet told the news outlet. “We now know what will be required from us and that information has been forwarded to our engineering department.” “The actual purchase won’t occur until we’ve received every permit needed to build a new Sheetz store,” he added.

Currently, the company has a tentative purchase agreement through Somerset-based Northwood Realty Services, and the process for permitting could take 10 to 12 months, Hazlet told the Daily American, adding that plans are in the works to speak with Someset zoning officials in the coming months.

“It’s progressing and we’re looking forward to it. It can’t come fast enough,” Hazlet told the news outlet.

The new store is expected to have a 6,500 square-foot interior, along with indoor/outdoor seating.

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