Sheetz Introduces Its First Private-Label Credit Card

ALTOONA, Pa. — Sheetz Inc. is partnering with First Bankcard to offer the Sheetz Personal Credit Card, the convenience store chain's first private-label credit card.

The card is designed to be used exclusively at Sheetz stores and offers customers automatic savings at Sheetz fuel pumps, as well as the ability to earn points on every qualifying purchase in Sheetz stores. 

Customers will save five cents per gallon at the pump using the Sheetz Personal Credit Card, and when it is used in conjunction with the MySheetz Card, the company's loyalty card, customers will save an extra three cents per gallon for a total discount of eight cents per gallon at the pump.

Customers will also receive five points for every $1 spent in-store using the Sheetz Personal Credit Card. Each time customers earn 1,000 points, they will automatically receive a $10 Sheetz gift card.

"We are a consumer-driven company and we work hard to find the best products and vendors for our customers. At Sheetz, every experience the customer has with us helps shape the reputation of our brand. First Bankcard will help ensure that our customers have the best experience with the Sheetz credit card and we look forward to this partnership," said Richard Steckroth, director of business development for Sheetz.

When selecting a partner for the card, Sheetz turned to First Bankcard, its partner of five years and developer of the Sheetz Visa Card.

"We strive to help businesses like Sheetz by providing customer value and benefits, flexibility, innovative products and unparalleled customer service," said First Bankcard President Stephen Eulie. "The Sheetz Personal Credit Card allows Sheetz the ability to directly market to their customers a product that will incent them to visit their stores again and again."

Customers can apply for the card online at

Altoona-based Sheetz operates more than 500 convenience stores throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio and North Carolina.

First Bankcard is a division of First National Bank of Omaha. 

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