Shell Introduces Loyalty Program That Rewards Fleet Drivers

Shell canopy

HOUSTON — Shell Oil Products US teamed with Excentus Corp., a PDI company, owner of the Fuel Rewards program, for the launch of Fuel Rewards Pro, a first-to-market loyalty program that offers personal rewards to fleet drivers who fill up at participating Shell branded locations nationwide.

The program allows drivers to earn 5 cents per gallon for personal fill-ups each time they pump at least 10 gallons of gas using the service.

Using the Fuel Rewards Pro app, drivers will be able to obtain a Pro ID and can easily identify any participating Shell branded station:

  • Once at the pump, drivers select "Fuel Rewards" when prompted,
  • Enter 777 + their Alt ID,
  • Use a fleet or any payment card, and
  • Pump 10 gallons or more to earn a 5-cents-off per gallon Pro reward, which can be applied to their next personal fill-up up to 20 gallons using their Alt ID.

"We know that fleet drivers are some of the hardest working folks on the road, and we’re proud to be able to provide them with a little extra personal reward when they fill up at Shell," said Rusty Barron, vice president of Commercial Fleet North America at Shell. "At Shell we’re always working to provide the most innovative and rewarding experience for our customers, and the Fuel Rewards Pro program is geared to do just that, from providing personal rewards to allowing fleet drivers the freedom now to fully fill their tank."

Fuel Rewards Pro members are also awarded Gold Status, allowing them to earn an extra 5 cents per gallon Fuel Rewards savings during personal fill-ups up to 20 gallons. Additionally, drivers who enter their Pro ID can pump beyond the previously imposed twenty-gallon limit.

"We’re really excited to be working with Shell to design and deliver the Fuel Rewards Pro program with fleet drivers in mind," said Brandon Logsdon, senior vice president of Marketing Solutions at PDI. "Together, with Shell and insights powered by PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions, we’re proud to be rewarding fleet drivers across the U.S. when they fill up at Shell."

Click here for complete Fuel Rewards program details.

Houston-based Shell Oil Co. is an affiliate of Royal Dutch Shell plc, a global group of energy and petrochemical companies with operations in more than 70 countries. In the U.S., Shell operates in 50 states.