Shell Launches LA's First Hydrogen/Gas Station

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Shell Launches LA's First Hydrogen/Gas Station

LOS ANGELES -- California welcomed its first hydrogen and gasoline refueling station courtesy of Shell Hydrogen LLC, which is providing consumers a portal into the future of energy -- hydrogen powered fuel cell vehicles (FCV), the company stated.

"California is leading the way with clean fuels, as it moves one step closer to realizing its hydrogen program. FCVs powered by hydrogen will provide a sustainable transportation choice for the future, opening up new markets across the globe," Graeme Sweeney, executive vice president for Shell Future Fuels and CO2, said in a released statement. "This requires the sustained effort of energy companies, auto manufacturers and federal and state governments working together."

Located off Interstate 405 on Santa Monica Boulevard, the station joins California's "Hydrogen Highway" campaign. To date, California already has more fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) and hydrogen refueling stations than any other part of the world. Last year it recorded 1.5 million zero emission miles from hydrogen FCV trials. Currently, 25 hydrogen stations operate in California, the majority of which are located in the San Francisco-Sacramento region and Greater Los Angeles. In total, the stations serve an approximate 100 fuel cell passenger vehicles and transit buses. Ten new stations are currently in the planning stage, according to the company.

Hydrogen motors work as a result of a chemical reaction inside a unit called a fuel cell, usually between hydrogen and oxygen-creates electricity. Water is the only emission released from the tailpipe, which produces no carbon emissions.

"This is a very exciting development. With this station, Shell is helping to usher in the hydrogen age. We are very pleased to be working with a large oil company to demonstrate zero-pollution transportation technologies," James J. Provenzano, president of the public advocacy group Clean Air Now, said in a released statement. "Hats off to Shell for implementing innovative solutions to mitigate air pollution right here in Los Angeles."