Six Kyle's Kwik Stops Change Hands

Wills Investment Group will convert the east Texas sites to 7-Eleven stores over the next four to five months.

LONGVIEW, Texas — Six Kyle's Kwik Stops in east Texas now have a new owner.

The Texas-based convenience store operator is getting picked up by a 7-Eleven Inc. franchisee based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Wills Investment Group operates 20 7-Eleven locations in Texas and Colorado, reported Longview News-Journal.

Wills Investment Group — which took over the six locations on Aug. 11 — will convert the six locations to 7-Eleven over the next four to five months. Three of the sites are located in Longview and one in Canton, Jacksonville and Mount Pleasant.

"We are very excited about moving away from the hyper competitive Metroplex to an area where we think we can provide better service," said Don Wills, head of Wills Investment Group, adding that all of the locations in the purchase are "attractive" and will not require major renovations.

"[The sites] will look identical to all of the 7-Elevens. We'll introduce priority products that 7-Eleven offers, their great coffee, the favorite of all the kids — the Slurpees, great hot dogs and all the others," he added. "We also have a very, very broad fresh food offering, a lot of grab-and-go stuff — chicken wings, chicken tenders, we do pizza right at the location. Many of the locations will have fresh cookies .... All of that is kind of the wave of the future for 7-Eleven. We’re going to introduce that to the east Texas market."

According to Wills, the company will keep on the existing employees at the newly acquired stores and once converted the sites will operate 24 hours a day.