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Sky's The Limit Remodel Jiffy Trip

Mannford, Oklahoma

Jiffy Trip's Mannford, Okla., location used to be a very old and tired store that was in a great location. But that was before design firm Paragon Solutions Inc., which has earned back-to-back victories as the designer under the Sky's the Limit Remodel category, stepped in to help create a new store design for Jiffy Trip parent Hammer Williams Co.

Opened in July 2010, Hammer Williams wanted the 2,905-square-foot remodeled store to present a modern concept that emphasized enhanced customer flow, wider aisles and a center cashier island. Paragon accomplished those goals and also squeezed 750 additional feet of retail space into the existing facility.

After researching Jiffy Trip's customer base, Paragon suggested an open, warm and inviting look and feel would work best. Splashes of color are visible throughout the store, and the coffee area was significantly upgraded with the phrase “Fresh Brewed Coffee” to draw customers in.

Lighter- and darker-shade wood panels were installed throughout the store, and more buzz words were added. For example, the fountain area was labeled “Refresh” and the beer section was named “Beer Run.”

Digital flat-screens and track lighting were installed to meet Hammer Williams' “modern look” requirement. The cashier island was moved to the center of the store in an effort to increase impulse purchasing decisions.

Customer traffic has more than doubled since the remodel, and Hammer Williams is planning to build two new Jiffy Trip stores this year that utilize this new design. — Brian Berk

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