Snap Kitchen Chain Melds 7-Eleven With Whole Foods

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Snap Kitchen Chain Melds 7-Eleven With Whole Foods


AUSTIN, Texas — The Snap Kitchen chain is attempting to pair the ease of convenience stores with quality, healthy food as it plans for eventual nationwide expansion, reported Forbes. The company makes healthy, handmade meals from scratch for consumers who want fast food that isn't junk food.

These meals can fit into gluten-free, paleo, vegan and other diets. They have a shelf life of five to seven days and result in very little food waste, according to the company.

"If Whole Foods and 7-Eleven had a baby, it would be Snap Kitchen," said CEO David Kirchhoff. "It's as if we took a classically trained chef and put them in a cage fight with a nutritionist."

Snap Kitchen's breakfast offerings include almond butter maple pancakes (180 calories) for $4.79 and chicken sausage egg tacos (300 calories) for $5.49. Lunch and dinner options include brisket hash (under 500 calories), shrimp and chorizo paella (370 calories) and soups, salads, snacks and sweets.

The Texas-based chain currently has 45 stores in Texas, Chicago and Philadelphia, and plans to add more across the country. Each location has a small footprint, as the food is prepared in a separate central kitchen.

The company's biggest day is Monday, when customers purchase multiple meals for the week, and the average check for a "mature" store is $25.

"Our cycle is counter to the restaurant cycle. We solve for what's for dinner on Tuesday, not the big outing on Saturday," Kirchhoff told the news outlet.

Snap Kitchen has begun operating a wholesale business alongside its retail operation, and provides prepared foods to some Whole Foods Markets stores.

Customers can place a Snap Kitchen order online for in-store pickup. The mobile app also provides delivery through Uber Rush in certain markets, including Chicago.

"I've never seen another concept that comes close to what these guys are doing," said Kirchhoff. "It's crave worthy, good for you and convenient."