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Solobrew French Press To-Go

Solobrew Corp. brewed up a new product for the single-serve, gourmet coffee segment of hot beverages with its "French Press To-Go," a disposable French press coffee brewing system. French-Press To-Go uses ground, premium quality coffee beans that are contained within a spring-action plunger cartridge. Consumers add water, steep for two to four minutes, then drink. The French Press To Go provides a similar experience as French Pressed coffee made directly in the reusable or disposable cup, the company stated. The plunger is disposed after consumption, with no cleaning required, according to the company. The French Press To-Go four-pack cup, complete with four plunger cartridges, retails for less than $4.50, while the single-serve disposable retails at less than $1.50.

Solobrew Corp., Houston
(713) 518-5704;
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