Spark Industries Begins Direct Distribution for Cig2o

CAMARILLO, Calif. – Spark Industries LLC's Cig2o brand of premium electronic cigarettes, refills and e-liquids is joining its Vapage brand of specialty e-vapor products for direct distribution. Spark is now the exclusive source for Cig2o sales to the industry, the company announced.

"Cig2o and Vapage were developed together as complementary product lines, with Cig2o being the bread-and-butter e-cigarettes and Vapage being e-vapor and e-liquid," said Spencer Thompson, president of Spark Industries. "Now, they are available from one source, the manufacturer; something many of our wholesale customers have been asking for."

Spark launched the Cig2o brand in 2009 through smoke shops, convenience stores and other wholesale distributors.

"At this point in our business, we feel that the best way to continue our growth is to have direct relationships with the wholesalers and retailers that sell Cig2o. We can service them better, offer them more focused, results-oriented marketing and promotional initiatives, and respond more quickly to market changes and product developments," Thompson said. "Many of our existing customers have sought out a closer relationship with Spark as the manufacturer and owner of Cig2o, and we are looking forward to building those bonds."

Its UPC codes, item codes, unit and shipper metrics for Cig2o will be the same and continue to be carried on all products for customer convenience.

"Cig2o has a substantial retail and consumer following. In the rapidly changing electronic vapor category, focused marketing, increased distribution and retail partnerships are key and a priority for the continued growth and success of the Cig2o Brand," concluded Thompson. "We obviously believe in the category and look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and look forward to presenting and discussing plans for 2015 as well as the remainder of this year."

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