Speedy Stop Owner Rolls Out On-Demand Payment Option for Employees

C.L. Thomas Inc. is also offering Daily Pay to employees at its six quick-service restaurants.
Logos for Speedy Stop and Daily Pay

VICTORIA, Texas — The owner of Speedy Stop is bringing on-demand payment option Daily Pay to its employees.

C.L. Thomas Inc. is now offering the benefit to its employees at the 24-store chain as well as several Subway franchise locations.

Headquartered in Victoria, C.L. Thomas operates 24 Speedy Stop locations and 660 hourly employees. In addition, C.L. Thomas also operates six Subway restaurants, 20 Speedy Stop Kitchen locations and 11 Speedy Wash Tunnel Car Wash locations at their Speedy Stop locations, employing nearly 700 employees who receive DailyPay benefits.

"At C.L. Thomas, we were looking for an attractive benefit that would support our existing Speedy Stop and Subway employees while attracting prospective talent — that's when we found DailyPay," said Craig Staff, human resource manager at C.L. Thomas. "DailyPay's ability to allow our Speedy Stop and Subway employees to access their earned pay, instantly, is a game-changer for many of our team members. Our team is happier when they have complete control over their finances."

The company is leveraging the platform's financial wellness benefit as a hiring and retaining tool in search of hourly employees. Organizations with DailyPay fill open positions 52 percent faster than organizations that don't offer a daily payment option, according to New York-based DailyPay.

More than 45 percent of Speedy Stop employees are currently using DailyPay.

"Speedy Stop and Subways are among hundreds of employers nationwide eliminating the biweekly payroll system and as a result, they're able to hire faster and keep their existing employers longer and happier," said Jeanniey Walden, chief innovation and marketing officer at DailyPay. "Enabling financial wellness among U.S. employees is critical and we're so happy to help partners like C.L. Thomas support their employees."