Spinx Releases Second Generation of Its Mobile App

GREENVILLE, S.C. — The Spinx Co. launched the second version of its Spinx Xtras mobile app on Thursday. The enhanced app now includes the ability to see real-time Spinx fuel pricing, along with the ability to select a favorite Spinx store and fuel grade in order to calculate any Xtras rewards earned and display an individualized price per gallon compared to the street price.

"Our Xtras customers want access to their rewards at their fingertips," said Spinx President Stan Storti. "Our new app takes that one step further and shows the customer what their reward discount means in terms of their personal fuel price at their favorite Spinx store. The app makes rewards personal and customized just for them."

The new app also includes an amenities page for each store, which includes details like whether the store offers a full or limited deli menu, whether it accepts BI-LO fuelperks! and which unique fuel grades are available.

Consumers can view a map or list of all Spinx stores and receive directions to any of them from their current location. This feature became particularly important as Spinx expanded into the Charleston and Columbia, S.C., markets over the past two years, the retailer noted.

"Spinx is dedicated to evolving with our customers by providing them with the latest ways to access the information that they want," said Spinx CEO Steve Spinks. "We are very pleased to be able to provide this new version of the app to our customers. The new Spinx Xtras app provides a convenient solution to our customers looking to maximize their Spinx Xtras benefits."

The Spinx Xtras app continues to allow customers who have linked their Xtras card to their checking account to use their smartphone to scan, activate and complete a transaction at the pump or cash register. Customers automatically save five cents per gallon when the card is used as a method of payment.

The app is free to download in the iOS App Store and Google Play.

Greenville-based Spinx Co. operates 78 convenience stores in South Carolina.

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