StrasGlobal Shares COVID-19 Learnings in New Resource Hub for Small Operators


TEMPLE, Texas — StrasGlobal is helping single-store owners and small-chain operators navigate the new normal with its Resources for Retailers (RfR), a new content and services hub that offers solutions for the challenges that are common to these retailers.

The initiative evolved from StrasGlobal's COVID-19 response plan, which the consulting company and provider of contract operations for gas stations and convenience stores developed last spring.

"We wanted to do our part to increase the COVID-19 knowledge base by sharing, with great detail, the actionable items that a relatively small operator like us was able to implement," said StrasGlobal President Roy Strasburger.

In the following months, StrasGlobal shared every phase of its learnings and execution in real time with other retailers that might benefit, the company said.

"We found that our COVID-19 Response Plan was particularly informative and valuable for small operators who did not have the resources available to many large regional chains, and it and motivated us to expand our reach and value in the marketplace," said Director of Strategy Eva Strasburger. "Believing that sharing knowledge and expertise means 'all boats rise', led us to create Resources for Retailers, a new content and services hub for single stores and small-chain operators."

Drawing upon StrasGlobal's experience as a small operator in many locations, RfR provides a collection of reference materials, how-to best practices, templates and guidelines, all available at no charge. Additionally, RfR Dispatch monthly content will provide real-world, actionable takeaways from subject matter experts, written conversationally with a slant toward independent-minded retailers.

RfR Dispatch topics will include:

  • Effective HR strategies
  • Technology that answers operations & marketing needs — not the other way around
  • Channel-blurring impacts & insights
  • Online ordering, delivery and payment systems
  • Marketing to maximize customer engagement
  • How to be a small operator in many locations, by Roy Strasburger
  • How to differentiate your stores
  • Risk management & compliance
  • Disaster response plans
  • Loyalty programs to make your stores a destination

Additionally, RfR will create a community for independent retailers that are accustomed to competing for resources and attention that is generally more available to large operators. In the first quarter of 2021, RfR will also offer premium membership with benefits such as buying groups, share groups and various consulting services.

StrasGlobal has formed an advisory board to help RfR create the most relevant products possible. It is composed of thought leaders with gender, age, racial and mindset diversity. With experience and expertise from within and outside the convenience industry, the advisory board will provide input and feedback on RfR's concept and content, according to the company.

RfR's first investigative report provides detailed information on food trucks and is available now.

"We already had experience with food trucks and expanded our research for more locations during the first pandemic shutdown in March. They are certainly on target now, as we are unfortunately seeing restaurant shutdowns and social distancing measures increasing," said Roy Strasburger. "Hosting a food truck in the parking lot can definitely be a way for independent operators to draw customers to their site and provide unique menus with profit opportunities generated by community excitement."

"Resources for Retailers is a logical extension of our COVID-19 Response Plan," concluded Eva Strasburger. "It's been extensively researched and provides timely, relevant and needed resources for single stores and small-chain retailers to be competitive in today's rapidly changing marketplace."