Stripes Offers $3 Reloadable Prepaid Debit Cards

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Stripes is selling nFinanSe's $3 Visa and Discover reloadable prepaid debit cards in its 520-plus stores throughout the Southwestern United States.

The cards carry a low $2.95 monthly maintenance fee for an unlimited number of purchase transactions and allow cardholders to load additional funds for $2.95. nFinanSe also offers free direct deposit of payroll, free 24/7/365 live agent customer service in English and Spanish in the United States and free cell phone text message alerts with a purchase and balance information after each transaction.

"We believe that our industry-low, customer friendly pricing combined with the excellent everyday store traffic at Stripes locations will encourage initial trial, usage and early adoption of reloadable prepaid debit cards among Stripes customers," said Jerry R. Welch, chairman and CEO of nFinanSe. "Stripes will now be able to offer their customers a feature-rich Visa or Discover reloadable prepaid card with fees actually lower than Walmart," he added. "This, plus the convenience of their store locations and the uniqueness of their merchandise mix should help make Stripes a destination for the sale and reloading of prepaid debit cards."

Stripes is part of Susser Holdings, a third-generation, family-led business operating stores in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.

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