Sunshine Gasoline Upgrades Mobile App With Fuel Pay Feature

Customers will also be prompted to buy a car wash subscription plan or single wash vouchers in the same transaction.

DORAL, Fla. — Sunshine Gasoline Distributors Inc. upgraded its Max Car Wash mobile app, which now enables mobile payment at the pump.

Using Liquid Barcodes Inc.'s proprietary C-StorePay program, mobile users can now drive in, swipe, choose the fuel pump number, link their bank account to activate the pump, then fuel up and go.

Sunshine Gasoline Distributors tapped Liquid Barcodes for the rollout of the Max Car Wash mobile app last year.

The C-StorePay program accepts ACH transactions, which quickly authenticates bank account information in five steps that take less than a minute to complete and authenticate. Other apps in the convenience and fuel retailing industry require upwards of 13 steps, collecting many points of personal data, and a two-day waiting period for bank authorization, according to Liquid Barcodes.

The new upgrade also prompts customers to buy a car wash subscription plan or single wash vouchers in the same transaction.

"At Sunshine Gasoline, we strive to give our fuel and convenience customers a fast, easy and enjoyable experience whenever they visit our stores. We strive to be more than just a fuel provider to our customers, we sell time and convenience and by offering the opportunity to quickly fuel up, pay and be on their way, we will be rewarding them with extra minutes in their day and savings in their wallets with the discounts they receive," said Eddy Alvarez, senior operations manager at Sunshine Gasoline Distributors.

"We want them to feel valued and know that their data security is of utmost importance which is why we partnered with Liquid Barcodes to develop this app. We only accept ACH payment and not credit cards to allow us to pass on the savings from credit card fees directly to the customer on every gallon. This app is a game-changer for our organization," he added.

Based in Doral, Sunshine Gasoline Distributors supplies fuel to 536 gas stations and operates nearly 400 of those sites.

Liquid Barcodes launched C-StorePay in October. The platform makes paying for fuel, in-store merchandise and subscription programs frictionless for customers while lowering credit card fees for retailers.

"We are proud to partner with Sunshine Gasoline to introduce this revolutionary technology to the convenience retailing community," commented Saurabh Swarup, general manager – North America for Liquid Barcodes. "There is no other app-based solution like this in the industry that will literally save retailers thousands of dollars in credit card processing fees at each store by using ACH. For larger operators, they will realize hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in savings each year by accepting ACH through the app."

Fairfax, Va.-based Liquid Barcodes is a global loyalty and digital marketing technology company specializing in the convenience and foodservice industries.

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