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Superior Petroleum Targets Messaging With inOvationTV

PITTSBURGH — Superior Petroleum Co. implemented Wayne Ovation fuel dispensers with the inOvationTV media program across its network of convenience stores.

Superior Petroleum, which operates retail fueling locations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Maryland under the BP, Valero, Sunoco and CITGO brand names, said adding inOvation TV — featuring exclusive content from Gas Station TV (GSTV) — provides the best possible fueling experience for its customers.

“The inOvationTV media program provides large, customized, site-specific promotional ads for products and services that suit our fueling customers,” said Milo Ritton, CEO of Superior Petroleum. “We can offer sports, entertainment, news and weather at the pump, and the advertisements for goods sold in-store are extremely effective.”

Pittsburgh-based Superior Petroleum links the success of its rewards program to advertising on the inOvationTV media platform.

"The inOvationTV media program improves the fueling experience for our customers and helps improve consumer loyalty and traffic at our stores,” Ritton said. “Whether it’s an energy drink or a candy bar, Wayne and GSTV provide strong branding support and greater connectivity between our forecourt operations and our c-store operations to create deeper customer engagement.”

Superior Petroleum customizes the media messaging for optimal customer segmentation across its partner sites of BP, Valero, Sunoco and CITGO. For example, the company has found that media content aimed toward female customers should focus on weather and news. 

“...Women are more likely to travel with children in the vehicle and more likely to pay at the pump. Men, on the other hand, are convenience store shoppers who are more likely to buy products such as hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, and tobacco," Ritton explained. "Based on site traffic, [we] tailor [our] inOvationTV media content to all drivers, providing a better fueling experience for women, as well as using media to drive men into the store.”

According to Austin, Texas-based Wayne Fueling Systems, inOvationTV is offered free of charge when convenience stores purchase a new Wayne Ovation2 fuel dispenser.

“We are pleased to partner with industry leader GSTV on this project and excited to offer the product free to our customers,” said Bill Reichhold, vice president, North America, for Wayne.

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