Tackling Tobacco: August 2020 Legislative & Regulatory Roundup

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NATIONAL REPORT — Tobacco legislation and regulation is constantly under review at the local, state and federal levels. In this monthly roundup, Convenience Store News highlights the latest proposals and approved changes happening across the United States.


Pleasanton — The Pleasanton City Council voted to ban the retail sale of flavored tobacco products within city limits and establish a tobacco retailer license. Both measures go into effect in 2021. New rules also require cigars be sold in packages of five and cigarillos in packages of 20.


Vero Beach — The Vero Beach City Council approved an ordinance to increase the legal minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21. Violators would receive a warning for a first offense and $50 fine for a second offense. 


St. Paul — The statewide Tobacco 21 rule went into effect on Aug. 1. The higher legal minimum age to buy tobacco products brings Minnesota in line with the new federal regulation.


Broken Bow — Member of the city voted to hike the legal tobacco buying age to 21. Enforcement will begin on Oct. 1, giving businesses time to comply with the new rule. The vote came about a week after the state approved its Tobacco 21 legislation.


Concord — Gov. Chris Sununu signed Tobacco 21 legislation in the closing days of July, bringing the statewide legal minimum age to buy tobacco to 21. The tobacco buying age previously stood at 19.


Bethlehem — Members of the town board voted in favor of legislation that will require businesses to obtain a license to sell tobacco. The new requirement, which prevents retailers from selling vapor products within 1,000 feet of schools but does not limit the sale of other tobacco products, goes into effect Jan. 1.


Buffalo City — Local lawmakers approved an ordinance to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21 on second reading. The Tobacco 21 law will go into effect after a third reading.

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