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Tackling Tobacco: June 2024 Legislative & Regulatory Roundup

Summer ushers in new tobacco definitions and tax increases in several states.

NATIONAL REPORT — Tobacco legislation and regulation is constantly under review at the local, state and federal levels. In this monthly roundup, Convenience Store News highlights the latest proposals and approved changes happening across the United States.


Denver — The state's levies on tobacco products ticked up effective July 1. Excise tax rate increases are also in effect for cigarettes ($1.94 to $2.24 per pack), other tobacco products (50% to 56% of the wholesale price), and vapor and nicotine pouches (also 50% to 56% of the wholesale price). With the changes, the minimum price, including all applicable taxes, for cigarettes increases from $7 to $7.50 per pack.

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In addition, there is now a 50% tax discount for products that have received a modified risk tobacco product designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Augusta — The state's tax law definition of a "tobacco product" will expand to include any product that contains nicotine (natural or synthetic) and subjects all nicotine products to the state's 43% other tobacco product tax. The changes go into effect Aug. 9.


Annapolis — Maryland tobacco users saw the price of products rise as of July 1. The state's excise tax on cigarettes increased $1.25 to $5 a pack of 20; taxes on a pack of more than 20 cigarettes increased almost 8 cents per cigarette to 25 cents. Additionally, taxes on other tobacco products (excluding pipe tobacco and cigars) increased to 60% of the wholesale price; and taxes on electronic smoking devices, including vaping liquid in a container of more than 5 milliliters, increased 20% percent of the wholesale price. 


Jackson — Legislation creating a new definition of heated tobacco products and setting a levy on those products of 25 cents per pack went into effect July 1. 


Athens — In June, the Athens City Planning and Development Committee heard recommendations for tobacco and cannabis zoning to prepare for recreational marijuana sales, now legal in Ohio. In addition to operating at least 500 feet from schools, public libraries, public playgrounds and parks, it was advised that cannabis establishments be limited within different zones in the city. Also, existing tobacco retailers would still have to go through separate state permitting and applications to sell cannabis. 

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