Tedeschi Food Shops Launches New Web Site

Tedeschi Food Shops launched its new corporate Web site, a multi-faceted endeavor that provides customers with an abundance of information regarding the convenience store chain's fresh food, most popular products, store locations, and unique attributes and special events, the company reported.

The new Web site includes a search by service or offering option, customized store Web pages, and the design, site organization and messaging strategy clearly conveys Tedeschi's extensive core offering of quality fresh foods, beverages and private-label product offering, according to the company.

Additionally, the Web site not only offers details of current products and events, but also provides an introspective look at the history of the company. Looking forward, Tedeschi Food Shops will continue to leverage technology to maintain communication with customers and business partners, increase fresh and healthy food offerings, and perpetuate a commercial culture of service and innovation.

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