Terrible Herbst Receives Workplace Safety Award

LAS VEGAS -- Terrible Herbst, Inc. was honored with the EMPLOYERS Workplace Safety Award for its commitment to providing the safest work environments possible for its employees.

Las Vegas-based Terrible's owns and operates a leading chain of gas station convenience stores throughout Nevada, California and Arizona. Over the course of the past three years, Terrible's further enhanced its focus on workplace safety and best practices in loss control to lower its number of injuries 46 percent and the number of work days missed by injured workers 50 percent. As a result, Terrible's reduced its claims costs nearly 90 percent and decreased its experience modification factor from 1.75 to 1.18.

"It's an honor to recognize Terrible's with the EMPLOYERS Workplace Safety Award," said Woody Hill, vice president of loss control, EMPLOYERS. "Ultimately, workplace safety is about employers caring about their people and creating a culture that makes safety a priority. Terrible's results over the last three years represent a true commitment to safety and illustrate the value of employers, agents and carriers working together to achieve successful outcomes."

EMPLOYERS also recognized Terrible's insurance agent, Steve Polott of Insurcorp.
The EMPLOYERS Workplace Safety Award was created by EMPLOYERS, touted "America's small business insurance specialist," to recognize outstanding workplace safety performance and to expand awareness of accident prevention as an operational imperative with bottom-line financial impact.

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