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Texaco Promotes Child Safety

SAN DIEGO -- As part of a continuing partnership, two Texaco convenience stores in San Diego are joining with the North American chapter of Child Watch to sponsor and host the "Kidguard Safety Program."

The program, which is free to the participants, records a child's vital statistics -- including fingerprints and eye color -- and provides parents with an identification card that contains both a photo and a fingerprint of the child. Once registered, each child's information will be submitted into a database accessible to law enforcement agencies nationwide.

According to company spokeswoman Jamie MacEwing, the recent abduction of Danielle Van Dam in California motivated the company to sponsor the program.

"The disappearance of a child touches everyone in a community and the heartfelt compassion for the parents of Danielle was experienced by all of us. We are proud to do anything we can to prevent this tragedy from occurring again," MacEwing said. "This is a time for parents to be reminded of the importance of having readily available information to provide law enforcement in case of a child disappearing situation."
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