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Texas Retailers Get a Break

Gas prices around Texas are down slightly from record levels, just in time for the peak summer driving season, the American Automobile Association (AAA) said yesterday.

The average price for regular gasoline in Texas is $1.52, down about nine cents from last month's record high of $1.61 and 14 cents lower than the national average of $1.66. Currently, gasoline in Texas is on average only a penny more per gallon than it was last June, AAA officials said.

The lowering of gas prices will help so many people this summer," Rose Rougeau, a spokeswoman for AAA Texas, said. "During the summer, gas prices are usually higher, but since supply is keeping up with demand, we are experiencing a decline in gas prices."

George Torres, manager of a Texaco Food Mart, said recent high gas prices have had a negative impact on his station and the lowered prices will be good for business since people typically buy more gas in the summer for vacations. "Cheaper gas prices mean that people will want to buy more gas," he said.

But not all areas of the state are experiencing declining gas prices. Dallas had the highest average gas price at $1.65 per gallon followed by Fort Worth at $1.64 and Amarillo at $1.61.
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