Tobacco Merchants to Focus on Science, Regulations

PRINCTEON, N.J. -- The Tobacco Merchants Association will tackle science and regulation in the industry when it holds its 96th annual meeting and conference May 22-24 in Williamsburg, Va.

The conference, titled "Evidence-based Science and Regulation of the Tobacco Industry," will kick off Sunday, May 22 with a series of pre-conference Food and Drug Administration industry workshops. Monday's program will open with top securities analysts detailing the current competitive position of the industry, followed by a discussion of the regulatory environment.

Other topics industry leaders will address during the conference are menthol use, illicit trade and e-cigarettes. There will also be two sessions on adapting to regulatory change, one addressing leaf varieties and the other pesticide use and the FDA.

Dr. Lawrence Deyton, director of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products, will be on hand to address the conference attendees. In addition, confirmed speakers include analysts Matthew Grainger from Morgan Stanley and Nik Modi from UBS; Jeff Cohen, ATF attorney for St. Regis; and Dr. Michael Siegel, Boston University School of Public Health.


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