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The Top 10's

Every year, Convenience Store News takes a look at operations and performance measures of the Top 25 Convenience Wholesalers. Just as there was little movement in ranking among the companies included in the Top 25 overall, there are only slight changes in rankings among the Top 10 lists, even as many companies were able to achieve increases in their performance metrics over last year.

This year's Top 25 operate a total of 133 warehouses — with an average of 187,400 square feet per warehouse — an increase of one warehouse and 3.4 percent square feet from last year. McLane Grocery Distribution continues to lead the industry in warehouse square footage with a total of 7.5 million square feet and an average of about 342,900 square feet per location — almost twice the size of the industry average (Figure 1).

In terms of sales per warehouse square feet, Garber Bros. Inc. takes first place at $3,098-per-square-foot, 62 percent higher than the Top 25 average of $1,907-per-square-foot (Figure 2). Eby-Brown returns to this list this year, ranked in the seventh spot.

Rankings for sales per retail location showed the most change in the past year (Figure 3). While McLane remains on top with sales of $522 per retail location, J.T. Davenport & Sons moves up one spot from last year to rank in second place. Eby-Brown also moves one place into third, Harrison Co. moves up one to fourth, and Core-Mark makes the biggest jump from ninth to fifth place in the current report.

Garber Bros. takes over the top ranking for sales per full-time employee at $2,309,000, 41 percent higher than the Top 25 average of $1,638,000 (Figure 4), replacing Klein Wholesale Distributors in the top spot. A drop by Atlantic Dominion Distributors from fifth to ninth place allowed several companies to increase their ranking by one place for this year.

McLane Co. posted the most deliveries per week with 54,700 — more than the next three companies on the list combined (Figure 5). This Top 10 is almost an exact mirror of last year's results, with only Pine State Trading and S. Abraham & Sons trading their ranks. McLane also tops the list in sales per delivery, per week at $6,830, almost twice the Top 25 average of $3,535 (Figure 6).

Core-Mark International offers the largest number of SKUs at 38,000, followed closely by McLane Co. in second place with 37,720 (Figure 7). Eby-Brown Co. and Harold Levinson Associates tie for third place with 15.000 SKUs each, with Liberty USA rounding out the top five with 11,000 SKUs.