Tosco Donating Fuel to Aid Rescue

Tosco Corp. and its local Exxon dealer are donating fuel to assist crews working in the emergency zone of New York's financial district.

The dealer operation, owned by Paul Kerner and Harris Kalish, acted immediately to provide free fuel for relief vehicles. Tosco continues to supply fuel without charge to assist with the effort. The fuel is being delivered under police escort, according to Tosco.

Kerner and Kalish have operated a convenience store, located on Second Ave. in New York City, for nine years. Tosco owns and operates more than 4,000 convenience stores nationwide.

Tosco also operates a refinery in the New York area, has offered tugboats to assist in the rescue and cleanup efforts, and members of the facility's rescue squad have volunteered to go to the scene to assist in the search and rescue efforts. Both companies said they would provide assistance for as long as it is needed.
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