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Trident Unveils New Graphics, Ad Campaign

Cadbury Adams USA LLC debuted an advertising campaign for Trident sugarless gum that marked a bold new direction for Trident, taking viewers to an imaginary world where anything can happen.
In the ads, Little Mouth, an animated wind-up chattering mouth, sets off on a series of fun and humorous adventures with Trident. In the new campaign, the innocent Little Mouth finds himself in precarious situations, sometimes coming into harm’s way. In each case, the heroic Trident pack always comes to the rescue. Each of the three new television spots showcases a new adventure and reinforces the campaign’s tagline, “Trident. A Mouth’s Best Friend.”
“As Trident celebrates it’s 40th year, the brand is looking younger and more contemporary than ever,” said Victoria Lozano, vice president of gum portfolio, Cadbury Adams USA. “This new campaign comes on the heels of updated packaging graphics, as well as a variety of product innovations, including Trident White Cinnamon Tingle and new Trident strawberry and wintergreen fusion flavors that allow gum lovers to customize their own taste sensations.”
The first spot in the new Trident campaign was set to air May 11 during ABC’s “Lost.” The spot opens with Trident reading the daily newspaper. Little Mouth is chattering happily along the crowded sidewalk, preparing to make his way across the street. As a speeding car rounds the corner, Little Mouth steps unknowingly into danger. In the nick of time, Trident gum saves the day by jumping in front of the car to protect his new friend. The speeding car makes impact with Trident and shatters into pieces, but luckily everyone is okay. The spots ends as the two friends celebrate amongst a crowd of onlookers.
The spot, which features both :30 and :15 versions, is the first of three in the “Little Mouth” series created by JWT, New York. The new campaign also marks the alignment of all Trident brands under one master campaign, showcasing Trident’s base line of flavors, new Trident fusion flavors and Trident White sugarless gum.
Introduced in 1964, Trident is proud to continue its strong heritage of providing great-tasting gum with excellent oral care benefits. Trident is available in seven flavors: Original Flavor, Bubble Gum, Cinnamon, Spearmint, Cool Rush, Tropical Twist and Crystal Frost. Each flavor can be purchased in 18-piece packs and multipacks (eight 5-piece packages) in convenience, mass merchandise, drug and grocery stores and other retail outlets.
The Trident family of products also includes two other sugarless gums. The new Trident fusion flavors allow consumers to create their own unique taste combinations with every chew – the strawberry fusion flavor includes six sweet and six sour strawberry pieces in each pack, and the wintergreen fusion flavor includes six mellow and six extreme wintergreen pieces in each pack. Trident White® is a great-tasting gum that uses a patented technology to help whiten teeth and prevent stains. Trident White is available in five flavors: Peppermint, Spearmint, Wintergreen, Cool Rush and new Cinnamon Tingle.
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